Literally Everything Episode 3: Workaholics, Girls, and American Hustle

I’ve fallen a little behind in my plan to write every day or so (because my procrastination is nothing if not consistant). But here’s a quick look into what I’ve been watching lately.

Workaholics Season 4 Episode 1: “Orgazmo Birth”

I checked in on Workaholics because I “forgot” to watch all of last season. Actually, I didn’t watch last season mostly because nobody placed me in front of a TV and turned the show on. Workaholics has always been a group watching experience for me, and last year I lived at home with two parents with less grotesque TV watching habits. (Now that I think about it, my dad probably would love this show.) Now, I’m living with a roommate who once again reminded me that this show existed, so why not? Workaholics hasn’t changed much—actually, it hasn’t changed at all—since the last time I watched it. It’s still about three drug-obsessed slackers who do terrible things but are not necessarily terrible people. They’re just way, way, way too stupid to know better. In Workaholics’ better episodes, this extreme aloofness can be charming, but occasionally it grates to the point that I question why I even bother watching. This episode falls closer to the charming side of the spectrum. Regardless whether you’ve personally wanted to take a bunch of molly and go to a rave only to have your plans interrupted by your coworker’s wife giving birth, everybody can certainly understand the mentality of wanting to do something completely selfish and hedonistic, and then having to compensate when the real world rears its ugly head. “Orgazmo Birth” takes that premise to it’s absurd extreme, decking out the guys in full-on ‘90s raver gear and marching Alex Bornstein around a gym tour, looking for a hot tub in which to perform a water birth.

American Hustle

At first I was upset with myself for not writing about this movie sooner. I saw it over a week ago, and a lot of the details have faded from my memory; but really, the details of this movie don’t matter. I had a lot of fun watching it, even if I found the machinations of the plot to be a little convoluted—and I think that might have been the point. American Hustle is the story of a conman and his girlfriend who are forced to work with the FBI after getting caught….something something fake loans. They entrap corrupt politicians…something something casino deal…something something Hispanic guy pretending to be a sheik. It really doesn’t matter. This is not a film greater than the sum of its parts. This is a film designed entirely by Harvey Weinstein win acting Oscars—particularly for Jennifer Lawrence, who everyone agrees is just the most charming, down-to-earth person that’s ever existed, ever. Lawrence is indeed great in this performance, but I think both Amy Adams and Christian Bale outshine her. Solid ’70s soundtrack too.

Girls Season 3 Episode 3: “She Said OK”

There’s a major problem when a show’s protagonist with clinically diagnosed OCD, who just picked up one of her best friends from rehab, who’s dating a recovering alcoholic, sees a bottomless Gaby Hoffman crush a glass with her bare hand and does anything else besides immediately Baker Act her. Girls seems to be doubling down on mental disorders with Adam’s sister, which would be fine if a single character acknowledged that she needs professional help. Based on how she’s portrayed in “She Said OK”, Caroline looks like she’s going to be more of a catalyst for Hannah and Adam’s relationship problems than a fully fleshed-out character. I trust Lena Dunham so I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, but for now, I’m not convinced this character works. It’s a shame that this episode left me with a questionable taste in my mouth because I loved pretty much everything else: Ray is great throughout, especially in his small talk/never mind conversation with Shoshanna outside the bar; Marnie’s downward spiral continues to be a delight; and Hannah awkwardly standing on stage with a “Birthday Bitch” hat, doing a rendition of “Take Me or Leave Me” against her will might be my favorite visual gag Girls has ever pulled off. Bonus points for Jemima Kirk who doesn’t get a single line this week but made me laugh just watching Hannah be uncomfortable on stage.

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