4 thoughts on “Rupaul’s Drag Race Season Six: First Impressions

  1. Personally, I do not seeing Vi getting past Top 6.

    Courney Act is quite edgy from the videos I’ve seen. She plays off other queens well like Willam does. It’s no surprise that her and Willam are good friends then.

    I see them Top 5 being Adore, Bianca Del Rio, Kelly Mantle, Ben De La Creme, and Courney. With Courtney coming out the winner. There could also be a chance Darienne Lake uses her years of funny experience to be the first big girl winner. I think she’s Top 6 material at least, if not Top 3. I just see her faltering in one of the middle challenges for some reason.

    • I know, I’m apparently terrible at Fantasy Drag Race. My Top 2 were the first two to lip sync for their lives. I actually thought Kelly Mantle was pretty cool. Adore was funny but there’s no reason she should have been safe over Vivacious.

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