How to Talk to Republicans About That Duck Dynasty Guy (as Told through Latrice Royale .Gifs)

How are you, my favorite Fox News watching (uncle/co-worker/landlord/etc.)? Happy Holidays! Yes, I know you prefer Merry Christmas, but I am an ex-Jew and a current atheist, and I would really like to wish you a Happy Pagan Solstice, so let’s settle in the middle at Happy Holidays. Happy Holidays!

Yes, yes. Obamacare. I can keep my doctor if I like him. Elizabeth Warren wants to give every McDonald’s employee $7,000 dollars an hour. Hillary Clinton personally shot eight disabled veterans in Benghazi. Rob Ford was on crack and is still a better mayor than Deblasio with his punkish looking son. We covered this during Thanksgiving. Let’s skip ahead, shall we?
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