Ranking All The Songs from The National’s “Trouble Will Find Me” by How Much They Stomp on My Emotions

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t hear The National’s “Boxer” until after I left high school; I might not have ever gotten out of bed. Matt Berninger’s lyrics about the futility of love and the absolute, soul demolishing power of a broken heart are only matched by his beautiful baritone. “The Boxer” (and 2010’s “High Violet” and the three albums that came before it) is the type of album you should play if you’re too happy and need to be reminded that everything is NOT OKAY. Or if you just feel like standing under a pavilion and sad college students who forgot their umbrellas walk through the pouring rain. Apparently, Berninger has to pop up every few years to make me cry. But that’s perfectly fine; there are few albums more poetic or serene that you could choose to cry to than The National’s new album, “Trouble Will Find Me.” Here’s a rundown of how each song is making me feel.

13. I Should Live in Salt

Can you turn the TV down?
You should know me better than that.
There’s too much crying in the sound.
I should know you better than that.

I should live in salt for leaving you behind

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12. Slipped
I’m in the city you hated
My eyes are falling
Counting the clicks with the living dead
My eyes are red

I’m in the crush and I hate it
My eyes are falling
I’m having trouble inside my skin
I tried to keep my skeletons in

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11. I Need My Girl
Remember when you lost your shit and
Drove the car into the garden?
You got out and said I’m sorry
To the vines, and no one saw it.

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10. Hard to Find
I can see the glowing lights.
I can see them every night.
Really not that far away,
I could be there in a day.

I wonder if you live there still.
I kinda think you always will.
If I tried, you’d probably be
Hard to find.

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9. Fireproof
Jennifer, you are not the only reason
My head is boiling and my hands are freezing.
Jennifer, you are not the only one
To sit awake until the wild feelings leave you.

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8. Sea of Love
If I stay here, trouble will find me.
If I stay here, I’ll never leave.
If I stay here, trouble will find me,
I believe.

Joe, I’ll always think of you
As a kinder child who knew
This was never gonna last.
Oh, Joe, you fell so fast.

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7. Heavenfaced
I could walk out, but I won’t,
In my mind I am in your arms.
I wish someone would take my place,
Can’t face heaven all heavenfaced.

Let’s go wait out in the fields with the ones we love.

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6. Demons
I am secretly in love with
Everyone that I grew up with.
Do my crying underwater;
I can’t get down any farther.

All my drowning friends can see.
Now there is no running from.
It’s become the crux of me.
I wish that I could rise above it.

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5. Graceless
There’s a science to walking through windows without you.

All of my thoughts of you:
Bullets through rotten fruit
Come apart at the seams.
Now I know what dying means.

I am not my rosy self,
Left my roses on my shelf.
Take the white ones, they’re my favorites.
It’s the side effects that save us.

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4. Humiliation
I survived the dinner
And the air went thinner.
I retired to the briars by the pool.
It gets so loud.

If I die this instant,
Taken from the distance,
They will probably list it down
Among other things round town.

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3. Don’t Swallow the Cap
I have only two emotions:
Careful fear and dead devotion.
I can’t get the balance right.
Throw my marbles in the fight.

Everything I love is on the table.
Everything I love is out to sea.
I’m not alone, I’ll never be.
Into the bone, I’ll never grieve.

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2. This is the Last Time
Oh, don’t tell anyone I’m here.
I’ve got Tylenol and beer.
I was thinking that you’d call somebody
Closer to you.

Oh, but your love is such a swamp.
You’re the only thing I want.
And I said I wouldn’t cry.

This is the last time.

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1. Pink Rabbits
I’m so surprised you want to dance with me now.
I was just getting used to living life without you around.
I’m so surprised you want to dance with me now.
You always said I held you way too high off the ground.

You didn’t see me; I was falling apart.
I was a white girl in a crowd of white girls in the park.
You didn’t see me; I was falling apart
I was a television version of a person with a broken heart.

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In Conclusion:

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