Ranking All The Songs from The National’s “Trouble Will Find Me” by How Much They Stomp on My Emotions

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t hear The National’s “Boxer” until after I left high school; I might not have ever gotten out of bed. Matt Berninger’s lyrics about the futility of love and the absolute, soul demolishing power of a broken heart are only matched by his beautiful baritone. “The Boxer” (and 2010’s “High Violet” and the three albums that came before it) is the type of album you should play if you’re too happy and need to be reminded that everything is NOT OKAY. Or if you just feel like standing under a pavilion and sad college students who forgot their umbrellas walk through the pouring rain. Apparently, Berninger has to pop up every few years to make me cry. But that’s perfectly fine; there are few albums more poetic or serene that you could choose to cry to than The National’s new album, “Trouble Will Find Me.” Here’s a rundown of how each song is making me feel.

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Ranking Every Episode of Community’s Fourth Season

It should go without saying that season four of Community was the show’s worst. Whether this had to do with the departure of show runner Dan Harmon or just the ware and tare of a show that’s constantly hovered below the threat of cancellation since it began, the fact that the show took a dip in quality is inarguable. What’s also true, though, is that Community’s worst season is pretty much better than most other shows’ best seasons. Of the thirteen  episodes this season, I’d argue that four were worthy of high praise, only one was really detestable, and most fell somewhere in the middle. We should also remember that Community has one of the funniest casts on TV this week, even if the writers didn’t quite know what to do with all of the this season. (Mostly thinking of the Troy/Britta relationship and “The Pierce Problem”.) With all that said, let’s consider which episodes worked, and which ones didn’t this year.
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Is Garden State a Good Movie?

That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for the past week, since Zach Braff turned to crowd-funding website Kickstarter in an attempt to raise two million dollars for his new film (Wish I Was Here) and subsequently caused the internet to explode in rage. Not since The A.V. Club comment section’s collective decision to hate Mumford & Sons have I seen such automatic revulsion directed at somebody.
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