3 thoughts on “Of Anastasia Beaverhousens and Alaska Thunderfucks

  1. Nice post. Still to this day I love watching the chemistry of Match Game.. it was funny and truly naughty before everything went PC in the world. My old flatmate in Montreal and I used to be addicted to it (on Game Show Network), and looked forward to the occasional weekend marathon. LOL

    I recall watching the first season of Drag Race wondering if it would be widely accepted or even go on, cause it was SO targeted at the gay audience. But I’m so glad it has and is still going cause it’s fab-u-lous *snap*. ;-)

    • Considering it’s on LOGO, it damn well better be targeted at gays lol. LOGO actually didnt want to do a show about drag queens for a long time because they thought it would make their network too polarizing. But Drag Race kinda saved their network. What were they airing before this besides reruns of Buffy and Queer as Folk?

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